Egon Schiele (Austrian, 1890–1918)
Red Blouse (Rote Bluse), 1913

fuCK the J Lawrence nudes have brought new life into me I am ready 2 graduate college clean my room do my homework get a job buy a house

*unbaes you*

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When bae tries touching you when you’re mad
*thinks about mexican food*

another photo of this outfit cause it is one of my faves.

Anonymous: You got a lovely pair of eyes there, thought I'd tell you

They’ll kill u

Anonymous: can we still buy from dusted? i want to purchase the abercrombie flannel, but not sure if you're still using it or whatever.

I am! I took about 50 pics of the new items and my card formatted right before I was going to upload them so I have to retake pics of all the new items but yes yes go ahead.

Suing Coca Cola bc they are 2 racist to have my name on a bottle