Anonymous: We have matching hand freckles waddup 😎

High freckle five

Anonymous: you look just like georgia jones

Isnt that a porn star………. ill take it

16 year old t.A.T.u. girls party with strippers

Buck + Allanah, Marc Quinn, 2009

🙏 hi.

Dis british bae going 2 visit me 

This tattoo was done by Shannon Perry. 
Went to support my dude in his Passafire show with 3-11 in NYC yesterday and holy shit. I had a really sincere beautiful moment with myself where I stood looking outward.. and was in complete awe of how fucking beautiful things were. The city, the atmosphere, the people surrounding me. I went to NY with no booked hotel or money.. my boss paid for all of my drinks food everything, we went to at least 8 different bars, took a taxi with no specific destination and passed out in the car. Moments of spontaneity like that change perspective. All about perspective. Refresh it.